Blood donation process

1. Brief Medical Screening:
It is done to ensure that the donor is in a healthy state to donate blood. It involves

  • Checking of donors weight
  • Checking of donors haemoglobin
  • Checking of donors blood pressure
  • Going through the donor questionnaire (medical and social behavior questions)

2. Registration:

After screening, the qualified donors’ details are filled in the donor register and a blood bag given to the donor, who then proceeds to the donation bed.

3. Giving Blood:

The process is simple.

The donor lies on a bed and is asked to relax as the phlebotomist attends to the donor. This process takes 2-3 minute depending on the blood flow of the donor.

4. Resting:

Once the blood bag is filled, the donor is required to rest on the bed for about 5-7 minutes, and then proceed to the refreshment area where they are served with a drink to assist the body in fluid replacement.

The donor is thanked for donating and advised to wait for his blood donation Card which identifies his blood group. This takes about two weeks.

5. Blood Testing and Screening:

Blood is tested for HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis B and C. All blood donors are advised to collect their results from the blood bank to ensure confidentiality.