HWWK response to COVID-19 epidemic

Along with other countries around the world, Kenya is also in the battle against the invisible enemy of COVID-19. HOPE worldwide Kenya is doing its part to keep staff and those we serve safe. Currently we are providing corona-virus awareness and prevention sessions and reinforcing efforts by the government to keep the current curfew that is in place and reinforcing hand washing and sanitizing, along with good respiratory hygiene and social distancing. We are providing individual-level interventions that can be done with the use of social media.

Clinical services are provided on scheduled appointments.

Our staff provide COVID-19 information to all individuals from the community as they come for other services in our clinics and sites.

We are in communication with our community leaders and working closely with them and with our CDC colleagues who are giving guidance almost daily.

We are communicating with our HIV positive beneficiaries, with the mentors of our adolescent girls and young women using phone apps to make sure they are ok. Those who are HIV positive are being given at least a three month supply of antiretroviral drugs. The neediest girls in our DREAMS Project are being given one year supply of sanitary pads from our community site offices.

HWWK have provided hand washing and sanitizing equipment in all clinics and sites to reinforce corona-virus awareness and prevention

‘In case you are able to make some small donations, our need is for food items to support the most vulnerable in the communities we serve, and for sanitary pads for girls in the informal settlements’

Thank You!

Please continue to pray for us as we pray for you and those around the world.

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