Jamm Quest raises funds to support Kenyan children

He read about kids who were just 12 years old and taking care of their whole family and it was amazingjam1To him how much God had blessed him Through HOPE worldwide Philadelphia he learned about HOPE worldwide Kenya by talking to other people from HOPE worldwide (Gary Jacques and Marica) and asking what their opinion was in where they could help in Africa. Nick and Mackenzie got their inspiration from their parents who have done an amazing job of raising them and always set an example of helping others first. Nick says, “The main reason I started to help the needy is because I am probably the most blessed person from what God has given. I felt that the least I could do was try and make life better for others”, He continues to say “ I don’t have or need tons of money and publicity but what I do have, a love for basketball and friends to motivate , I can use and help these kids through Jam Quest” Quote from Nick’s Teacher Mrs. Tyra.

“Nick and McKenzie are a shining example in the community of kids helping kids. I am also so excited that Nick did not just make this a onetime idea from a Social Studies project theme but has continued to care.