Afya Kazi (Health at work)


One of the most successful workplace programs has been run in the Kenya Knit Garments (EPZ) Ltd. The factory is one of those that HWWK has partnered with in the Industrial Centers of HOPE Program in Mombasa. Kenya Knit Garments supplies its textile products to Wal-Mart. Since the factory management and workers showed much interest in the programs supported by Wal-Mart, most of the proposed innovations within the project were  piloted here before being implemented in other factories.

This is how ‘Afya  Kazini’  (Kiswahili for “health at work”)  was initiated.

‘Afya Kazini’ was introduced  after efforts to reach workers with HIV prevention messages became a challenge due to time constraints in the factories. The objective of the program was to reach workers with HIV prevention messages and other health messages within their workplace by using  in-house media communication. This helped to reach all the workers  at once.  After every session, Peer Educators would receive questions and concerns about reproductive health from fellow workers. The questions would be answered in a prospective session. The health messages would further be reinforced through skits and drama with targeted messages during lunch hours and after working hours.  After these activities the audience is engaged in discussion and dialogue.

One of the workers, Mr. Wanjala had this to say, ”Now we can freely talk about HIV/AIDS and  reproductive health, and more workers are getting tested for HIV than ever before.”