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The 23rd September 2019 was a bittersweet day as HOPE worldwide Kenya bids farewell to some of its staff that have been working in its Key Populations Program. The staff has been working tirelessly over the past few months to reach heavy targets by the donor to identify as many HIV positive clients as possible before exiting sites in Makueni, Uasin Gishu, Nyeri, Meru counties and the Northern transport corridor. This has been with the goal to make sure that these clients are connected to care, to medication, and to a better quality of life knowing they can access care…
Tuesday, 22 October 2019 12:24

Ready for Retirement

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One of our oldest and dearest HOPE worldwide Kenya employees, Jackson Aera Osoro has retired from service after 15 years of loyal and dedicated service. Osoro is now 65 years old and has been serving tirelessly as a loyal employee of HWWK since 2005. He has been part of the Mukuru Community where he has worked for all of that time Jackson Osoro, the first HWK retiree. He has seen the Mukuru site rise from an open field with one shaky shack to a beautiful Center of HOPE. He has guided us in the Mukuru community, guarded and cared for…
Lucy Lokodo Nameto is a 26 year old, vibrant young woman working towards achieving a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information and Technology. She constantly refers to herself as one of the Lost Girls from Southern Sudan. Having been rescued from her village at the height of the civil war, she found herself living in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya when she was only 6 years old.
Thursday, 20 June 2019 05:54

A Teenage Mother Finds Hope

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Damaris is a joyful teenage mother of one who lives in Mukuru informal settlement. She became pregnant at 15 years of age when she was in secondary school. The news upset her parents and her father stopped paying her school fees when he learned she was pregnant. “When you are pregnant and still in school, you feel like an embarrassment and an outcast. I felt like a disappointment to my family. My mother thought this was the end of my education and future,” narrated Damaris.
Moyo Safi Self-Help Group is one of the Voluntary Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) groups of HOPE worldwide Kenya, Nilinde Project. It consists of 30 caregivers. Initially the members had different individual income generating activities including: selling groundnuts, liquid soap, green groceries, indigenous chickens and fruits. They lived from hand to mouth, unable to afford basic necessities like food and school fees for their children which led to poor school attendance. “Life changed for the better after we received empowerment training on VSLA and financial literacy, raising rabbits as productive assets, and mentoring on key principles of value chain development.…
One of the core interventions of the Nilinde Project is Household Economic Strengthening of caregivers that aims to support families to break the cycle of poverty through teaching caregivers how to save, manage money and grow their entrepreneurial skills. Household Economic Strengthening is done through Voluntary Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs) which are groups within which caregivers save together, do table banking and receive capacity building in money management. Elizabeth Wanjiku is a mother of three children. She is a beneficiary and a member of a Nilinde VSLA group called Super Young Mothers. The group comprises of 12 members who…
JamQuest is a child sponsorship project that provides high school education support to needy children in Kenya. Nick Shoff, JamQuest Executive Director, founded the project in 2008 while in junior high school in the U.S. as part of a school project. Click on the link below to listen to JamQuest founder talk about the JamQuest journey to change the world one child at a time. "This generation is powerful and I still truly believe that we have the ability to change the world! Take a listen and let us know what you think!"- Nick Shoff.
Friday, 15 March 2019 07:08

Sebby's Dream for a Better Future

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Sebby Dinga is a 20 year old, lively and energetic young lady who despite her humble background is determined to make a better future for herself. She is the last-born in a family of six siblings. When she completed high school education, her mother who was the sole bread winner in the family passed away and her father, a retiree, could not continue providing for the family. She knew that her chance of getting a college education was dim. Despite her circumstances, she did not despair. She was determined to rise above her circumstances. Her late mother’s sister who lived…
‘From heART to heART’ is a creative arts movement that raises money to support needy children in Kenya to get an education. Founded by Zoe Aust in 2017, the movement has gained momentum raising over 7,000 Dollars and gifting over 400 pieces of art and letters of encouragement to beneficiaries of the JamQuest Project in Kenya. The founding team also includes Heather Yi, Desirée Perkins, and Alison Williams. Over the last two years, the four campus students have organized and hosted three creative arts fundraising events at Radford University which is located in Radford city, Virginia. Seeing the impact of…
Wednesday, 05 December 2018 09:21

Celebrating Another Year of Kenya Kids support!

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Kenya Kids beneficiaries and their parents came together for an end year Christmas party to celebrate their progress over the last one year. During the colorful occasion, the children in primary school got a chance to learn from those who had been sponsored to join Form one through the generous support of Kenya Kids sponsors.
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