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Heartwarming Service of a Young Volunteer

Seventeen (17) year old Elle McLaughlin came to Kenya from the USA in July 2019 to attend a one week Swamp Camp – a teen mentorship program that is organized by the International Churches of Christ in partnership with Nairobi Christian Church. She had just graduated from high school and wanted to spend her summer break in a different part of the world and experience something new before starting college. This was the first time she would be away from home for 6 months.

She had no idea where her desires would lead her and went forward in faith. She has an interest in Early Childhood Development and was eager to get experience in this area. After Swamp Camp, Elle requested to be a HOPE worldwide Kenya volunteer for 6 months. We approached Gacharage Primary School who graciously accepted the request for Elle to volunteer and work with the teachers in their pre-school classes where she served 3 times a week. Despite the language barrier, Elle soldiered on, learning a little Swahili and teaching the children a few words in English. Even though the cultural barrier was huge, smiles and a great attitude go a long way. In humble situations like this, lives are transformed forever. The teachers and children grew very fond of Elle and looked forward to the days when she would be at their school.


Elle sharing cookies  with pre-primary school children at Gacharage Primary School