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Lost Girl of Sudan Finds Her Path to a Brighter Future Featured

Written by Christine Muna
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Lucy pictured above is in her 1st year of university studying for a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology. She believes education is the key to a brighter future. Lucy pictured above is in her 1st year of university studying for a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology. She believes education is the key to a brighter future.


Lucy Lokodo Nameto is a 26 year old, vibrant young woman working towards achieving a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information and Technology. She constantly refers to herself as one of the Lost Girls from Southern Sudan. Having been rescued from her village at the height of the civil war, she found herself living in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya when she was only 6 years old.

“I have undergone a lot in life, but I keep going knowing that at some point in the future I will achieve my dreams. This is because I believe education is one of the most powerful tools that will enhance my life. I have held onto my pursuit of education through the most difficult circumstances. I had no parents taking care of me at the refugee camp, and as a girl child, it was a hard and challenging life.  I knew from a young age that the only chance of changing my circumstances was to educate myself and build a brighter future,” narrated Lucy.

Through various well-wishers, Lucy managed to complete her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams. She received sponsorship to join a local university here in Kenya and is currently receiving education support from HOPE worldwide Kenya (HWWK) through their Kenya Kids Project and through sponsors whose resources are being pooled together to help.

“I have had numerous challenges in getting sustained funds for my education, but this has not dulled my determination to finish school and create a better future for myself. I am very grateful to HOPE worldwide Kenya who stepped in when my previous sponsorship ran out. I lack words to express the joy in my heart and the gratitude I have to the Kenya Kids sponsors who are supporting me. My vision is to one day become someone great in my country of South Sudan and in my community back at home. I hope to empower other girls to pursue education since the lasting conflict has taken a toll on girl child education in South Sudan. I also hope to become a published author and I have already written some unpublished literary work.  I have big dreams and I am determined to make a difference in the world around me. May God bless HOPE worldwide Kenya and Kenya Kids sponsors for their generous support,” concluded Lucy.


Join us in supporting Lucy!

Lucy’s is a very exceptional case. The Executive Director of HWWK was introduced to Lucy through a Global Advisor from California after she participated in a leadership training in San Francisco earlier this year. The Advisor informed us about Lucy and asked if we would check on her in Kenya.  After the Kenya Kids Team met Lucy, we realized she was special. Her life has been challenging from day one but she is strong, resilient and determined. As a refugee who is unable to work in the country (aside from doing some small laundry to give her some pocket money), and has no parents or means of support, HWWK has embarked on this journey with Lucy. Her school fees and upkeep are way above what we normally support; therefore we are seeking a donor pool that can help Lucy get through the next 3 years of university.

Because she is in a private university, is a foreigner, and is self-sponsored her fees are above average. The university fees per year are around USD 3,300.

Thus far for this year, we have USD 1,500 committed out of the need for about USD 3,300.

The breakdown for year one is:

  • Tuition – USD 2,400
  • Rent to stay on campus year-round – USD 420.00
  • A basic allowance for food – USD 480.00


Please join us in this noble cause of getting this Lost Girl from Southern Sudan back in the mainstream of life. Any contribution, big or small is welcome. When we put it together we’ll keep Lucy in school.


Click here to help Lucy complete her university education


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