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Kenya Kids caregivers receive training on savings and financial management Featured

Written by Christine Muna
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Kenya Kids caregivers receive training on savings and financial management Christine Muna

Fifteen Kenya Kids caregivers last week received a training on Voluntary Savings and Loans Associations. These are savings groups that are formally registered with the government, whose members engage in table banking and access group resources from micro finance institutions and banks.

The caregivers got to hear the experiences of Mr. Kamau, the lead Community Health Volunteer in the Ruai Nilinde Project who has helped many caregivers empower themselves through creating strong savings groups.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Many caregivers only need to learn how to save together and help each other out of poverty. When you save as a registered savings group, you get to decide your own savings and interest rates as opposed to borrowing from a bank where the rates are already determined and tend to be very high for most of us,” said Mr. Kamau during the training.

Mr. Kamau takes Kenya Kids caregivers through training on savings groups

“I have learnt so much today. I now know that I should borrow for investments that will bring in profits, not just borrow to pay school fees and meet daily needs and end up in a cycle of debt,” said Mr. Baraza, one of the Kenya Kids caregivers.

The caregivers got a chance to reflect on some of the bottle necks facing their savings groups, challenges in their individual growth in entrepreneurship, investment and economic resilience. They also created road maps to share with their savings groups and left determined to pursue economic growth in-order to better care for their families.

The Kenya Kids project focuses on changing the lives of orphans and vulnerable children by supporting entire households through activities that help caregivers attain economic resilience. Most of the caregivers in the Kenya Kids project are involved in savings groups. The Kenya Kids project is focused on giving extra support to strengthen these groups.Through facilitating exchange visits, we help caregivers bench mark from each other to teach, encourage and exchange ideas and business innovations with each other.

We would like to thank all our Kenya Kids sponsors who have made this training possible. Through your continued support, HOPE worldwide Kenya will continue to serve orphans, vulnerable children and their families to create empowered healthy communities.

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