A Ray of Hope for Stella Mwende and Her Children

Stella Mwende is a mother of 5 children, each under the age of 9 years. She and her family are residents of Mukuru slum. She is a house wife and her husband works as a night guard in a factory in the neighboring industrial area.

Whenever a free medical camp is held at Mukuru Center of HOPE, she grabs the opportunity to access the free medical service that she would otherwise not afford.

Stella Mwende and her 3 children access services at Mukuru Center of HOPE

Mostly, Stella brings her three older children (8 year-old son, 4 year-old daughter, and 1 year-old daughter) with her to the clinic for deworming and treatment of other ailments such as flu, diarrhea among others. These medical camps are made possible through support from partners, donors and well-wishers to provide medical services and nutritional training to the residents of Mukuru and its environs.

Stella’s case is common in Mukuru community. Mukuru is an informal settlement and home to over 600,000 people. Many families live in corrugated iron shacks measuring10-by-10 foot rented rooms. The environment has many of open sewers, exposed waste and poor drainage which make the area prone to water borne diseases such as cholera.

Water cartels control unreliable and often polluted water pipelines and locals are forced to purchase 20 litre jerry cans of water at KES5 for drinking and cooking. Children and their mothers are most affected.

A child tries to make his way within Mukuru slums


During her visits to the clinic, Stella is able to access general health checkups, deworming tablets for her children and education on basic hygiene and nutrition. The children are sometimes given personal hygiene kits that contain a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a bar of soap and shown the proper methods of using the hygiene kits. She only wishes that the medical camp would run every month because the community benefits a lot.