On Vacation to Serve Others

Everyone looks forward to a relaxing vacation.  For Vuso Moyana, it was different. He opted to travel from Canada to work as a volunteer and share his skills at HOPE worldwide Kenya.  A gesture of selfless giving that reflects the heart and love of Christ.

It all began in 2013 when Vuso expressed an interest in volunteering with HOPE worldwide Kenya the following September, 2014. Despite the security concerns in the country during the preceding months before he came and other challenges, he bravely continued on with his plan.

Vuso, second from right, with the Communications Team and the Human Resource Coordinator on the far left.

Vuso is originally from Zimbabwe but now lives in Canada. Despite living in Canada he has maintained a deep passion to serve in Africa and to do volunteer work. With extensive experience as a commercial communications and planning specialist in the banking industry and also as a volunteer with HOPE worldwide Canada, he was well suited to help our communications team.  In today’s world, communication is an integral part of business and the good communicators stand out. Vuso’s desire was to utilize his extensive work and volunteer experience in banking, communications, and non-profit management to advance the mission and work of HOPE worldwide Kenya.

Even before his visit, Vuso began engaging the HOPE worldwide Kenya Communication’s Team to prepare for the work ahead, displaying his organizational skills which were of great value to the team. This was vital, given the short time, and a lot to accomplish.

Having grown up in an African country made it easier to adjust to the new environment in Kenya. Every community has its unique attributes and Kenya’s public transport was new and took some adjustment. He learned quickly, worked well, and built new friendships too.

Thank you very much Vuso.

Vuso was glad to share his skills in web content development, social media, fundraising, and documentation among others. His wonderful contribution will improve the Communication’s Department, and as a result, the organization.

The HOPE worldwide Team was full of gratitude for his selfless contribution and hopes that he will visit again and continue to help the Communications Team.

Everyone at HOPE worldwide Kenya wishes him every blessing and God’s guidance in all he does.