The Most Vulnerable Children’s (MVC) Program

In September 2013, the HIV Prevention Program in Nairobi received additional funding from the U.S Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention to expand its scope of work and focus on reducing the vulnerability of  2,000 Most Vulnerable Children aged 17 years and below to HIV/STI infections and general abuse. The MVC include male and female children who have been sexually exploited or are at risk of sexual exploitation because they live in child/youth/grandparent-headed households, live outside of family care, or live with chronically ill or bedridden caregivers. The program is implemented in Embakasi, Njiru, and Makadara sub-counties in Nairobi County.

The (MVC) will be provided with:

  • Interventions that improve their self-esteem and build their decision making capacity
  • Medical services that include HIV testing (and treatment if needed)
  • Screening for alcohol and drug abuse and violence
  • Post rape care services and trauma counseling
  • Education support
  • Vocational Training, and

Opportunities to participate in committees that monitor and advise on the program.