One Act of Love !!!

As HOPE worldwide Kenya (HWWK) entered its last quarter of implementing The Coca- Cola Africa Foundation (TCCAF) funded Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) program, the project welcomed CEFA– a God sent partner who among other programs implements a child protection project by withdrawing children from the worst forms of child labor. CEFA is The European Committee for Education and Agriculture, an Italian NGO.

Older OVC receiving sewing machine from the Area Chief

The much celebrated partnership with CEFA originated from synergistic efforts with TCCAF funded and other HOPE worldwide Kenya children programs. The partnership with CEFA supports OVC who have been exposed to child labor at one time in their life by providing them with business startup kits. It is designed in a way that the children are first trained in any vocational skill, followed by entrepreneurship and business management skills training. With the funds from TCCAF, HWWK was a perfect match following vocational and business skills training offered to 35 older OVC. Those trained in Hair and Beauty are encouraged to form groups of threes in order to receive a complete package of salon equipment’s to start their business together. Each fashion and design students on the other hand, received a sewing machine.

These OVC have a heavy burden lifted off their shoulders since they have not only gained the knowledge but also have the capital to start their businesses. The startup kits would have a total cost of Ksh 350,000 which is equivalent to USD 4,375

One act of love, a kind word spoken, brings hope to the wounded and change the course of one’s life!” Thank you to TCCAF and CEFA.