Global Fund Round 10

In August 2012, HOPE worldwide Kenya received funding from Global Fund through Kenya Red Cross Society to implement components of the Road Towards an HIV Free Society–Global Fund Round 10 Program. The funding which is renewed annually is through to September 2016.The overall goal is to contribute to the reduction of new HIV infections and AIDS related morbidity and mortality for a HIV free society in Kenya.

The program is implemented in Nakuru and Naivasha districts in Nakuru County.

The program is implemented under two strategic objectives:

  1. To expand care and treatment services to achieve Universal Access by 2013 and maintain the cohort through to 2016
  2. To increase by at least 25%, coverage of Most-at-Risk Populations (MARPs), HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC), Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) and Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) interventions by the year 2016

Activities/Outputs for Year One (FY01):

  1. Community Home Based Care (CHBC)
  2. i. Conduct 3 trainings on CHBC targeting 30 Community Health Workers (CHWs), each training reaching a total of 91 CHWs

    ii. 91 CHWs engaged

    iii. 2,041 People Living with HIV (PLHIV) reached with CBHC services

    iv. Conduct 65,653 Home visits by CHWs (2 monthly per PLHIV)

  3. PMTCT
  4. i. Conduct 70 outreaches targeting 691 women who will be referred and tracked to deliver in a health facility

    ii. Conduct 7 outreaches targeting 69 men to enhance male involvement in PMTCT

  5. MARPs
  6. i. Train 20 MARPs (15 Sex Workers (SWs) and 5 Men having Sex with Men (MSMs) in Peer Education using the national PE MARPs curriculum

    ii. 20 MARPs Peer Educators (8 SWs and 2 MSMs) engaged

    iii. Reach 4,150 sex workers (with 4 core interventions: IEC, HTC, condoms, counseling on safe behavior in 415 outreaches

    iv. Reach 813 MSMs with (4 core interventions: IEC, HTC, condoms, counseling on safe behavior in 81 outreaches

  7. Establish 1 Wellness Center in Nakuru
  8. Participate in launch of National HTC event


  • Kenya Red Cross – Principle Recipient
  • Ministry of Health
    • Nakuru and Naivasha  District Health Management Teams  (DHMTs)
    • Langa Langa Health Center
    • Nakuru Provincial Hospital
  • Kenya Youth Empowerment and Development Association (KYEDA)
  • Family Health Options Kenya
  • APHIAplus (Nuru ya Bonde)