Blood Safety: Recognition at International ADRP Conference

Each year, the Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals (ADRP) hosts an annual conference for recruitment education, development and networking. This conference focuses on current issues facing the recruitment of blood donors and offers answers to frequently asked questions that affect the mobilization process. ADRP is also involved in and well represented at related conferences worldwide. International Recruiters come together annually to this conference to share and learn from one another.

Blood Safety Program Manager, Fridah Mcharo with ADRP award

This year’s annual ADRP conference was held in Minneapolis Minnesota from May 17th -20th.  The HWWK Blood Safety Program Manager, Fridah Mcharo, was selected to do a presentation based on her Abstract, “Media Advocacy: a Case Study of Kenya”. In her presentation, Fridah wrote: “one of the largest challenges in Kenya is that more than 70 percent of the population lives in the rural areas, where thy have not been educated about the need for blood donations”.

In August and December 2010, Population Service International,   a partner in Blood Donor Media Promotion, sponsored HWWK to run TV and radio adverts, and to do radio talk shows to increase awareness about blood donation. During these awareness campaigns, there was a higher number of blood units collected.

Click here to download the Powerpoint presentation.

The IT team, Nelson Ndirangu and Victor Mureithi at HWWK were very instrumental in providing technical support towards preparation of the presentation.The presentation was forwarded to the ADRP organizing committee and presented during the conference.

The Blood Safety Program Manager also submitted an essay to ADRP prior to the conference and was nominated as the recipient of the 2011 ADRP Chapman Scholarship. This Scholarship entitled her to complimentary registration, full accommodation at the conference, opportunity to network with the ADRP Board of Directors, and a commemorative award in recognition of this honor. The essay is also being published in the Drop, a monthly ADRP publication

Though Fridah was not able to attend the conference, her presentation was forwarded to the ADRP organizing committee and presented during the conference.  ADRP Executive Director, Debra Swift and her team sent several memoirs from the conference.  These  include the  trophy award for winning the Chapman Scholarship, a novel, Zuzu’s Petals by Lauren Ward Larsen, a World Blood Donor Day T-shirt by Fenwal,  and a magazine produced specifically for the ADRP conference.

The team in Nairobi is very grateful for this gesture and we look forward to collaborating and learning more from ADRP as we continue to do blood donor mobilization.