Esther Wahome‘s Blood Donation Tour No. 2

On September 4th Meru woke up to a bright and sunny Sunday, weather just right for a family event.  Esther made her second stop at Meru and Maua to celebrate 20 years in gospel music as well as appeal for Blood Donations.

Other local gospel artistes included Daddy Owen, Eunice Njeri, and Mbuvi who showed their support by rallying along in a fantastic performance at Kinoru Stadium in Meru. There was a large turn-out of local artists, fans, and sponsors.

Esther Wahome is joined by Mbuvi and Daddy Owen performing one of the hits “Piga Saluti” as the fans cheer while Mafuko Industries staff joins in the dance during the event.

In Maua heavy rains and power surges disrupted the scheduled performance but 15 units of blood were still realized.

His worship the Mayor of Meru Municipality, Mr. John Mwalimu, Councilor Rahim Dawood, the Vice Chancellor of Kenya Methodist University, Dr. Atemi and senior pastors and bishops from around Meru took the stage to welcome Esther to Meru and briefly address the public.

The blood safety technical team from Meru Satellite Center was grateful for the support and thanked all the blood donors for turning up and sharing the gift of life. They presented all donors with wrist bands as tokens of appreciation. A total of 70 units of blood were collected in the two days.

Most of the donors were first time donors and looked forward to the next time they would be eligible to donate. A man can donate after 3 months while a woman can donate after 4 months.

“Nimebambika tu sana,” (I feel so good) said Mr. Timothy Munene, one of the blood donors from Maua after donating blood for the first time in his life. “I want to be a regular blood donor. This is a very gratifying experience.” Timothy had come for the concert and although it did not take off, he was happy that Esther and other artists took time to speak to their fans.

Mr. Clement Nkaabu, head of the Marketing Department at the Kenya Methodist University in the outskirts of Meru Town, expressed his excitement and pride for having saved a life with his donation. His bold move as a first time donor set an example for his colleagues to donate blood.

Mr. Clement Nkaabu (Head of Marketing at KEMU) takes pride in donating blood for the first time in his life while Miss Tabitha Muia (Corporate & Communication Officer at HWWK) donates blood

Mafuko Industries, a renowned bakery in Meru is no stranger to supporting Corporate Social Responsibility events in Meru, and this was no exception. They sponsored the event and their top officials also ‘shared their blood’ to save lives.

The District AIDS and STI Control Office was not left behind. They set up camp behind the blood donation tent where 21 clients were counseled and tested for HIV.

The artists and the Master of Ceremony interjected during performances to appeal for blood donation and to urge the audience to take advantage of the free HIV testing, emphasizing on the knowledge of one’s HIV status.

Other sponsors of the event included, PSI International, Ripples International, Liberty Africa Technologies, West Wind Hotel and The Karen Hospital.

The next stop will be in Kirinyaga and Embu on 8th and 9th October 2011 respectively.

HWWK invites corporate sponsors to support this initiative and help save lives.