Your Drop of Blood, Your Easter Gift

Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out~ Frank A. Clark

The faithful at Nairobi Baptist Church Ngong Road are living out these words. They will be extending grace to the sick in hospitals this Easter by donating blood to save lives. What a way to celebrate Easter!

This wonderful experience will be taking place on Sunday April 24th 2011 at their sanctuary on Ngong road Nairobi. As we celebrate the gift of our Lords death and resurrection let us donate a pint of blood and give someone a chance to wellbeing. We all can make a difference, donate or encourage someone to donate. As Jesus life left a mark in our lives let us mark someone’s life this Easter.

This event will happen courtesy of Nairobi Baptist Church Ngong Road, HOPE worldwide Kenya and Kenya National Blood Transfusion Services.

Welcome. Your drop counts.