Sex-Worker Gets Enlightened


During a support group meeting in Dagoreti, one of the sex workers finally got HIV testing for the first time. She had been in a steady relationship with one of her clients who eventually impregnated her. Her partner ran away when she fell ill during her pregnancy. She suspected that it was because he had infected her with HIV. She was afraid of seeking ante natal care as she was anxious to undergo the mandatory HIV test.

‘I kept away from hospital and even decided to deliver at home because I feared stigma from family and friends’ quips Munira (not her real name).

‘I thank God for New Partners Initiative (NPI-SHAP) for taking us through stigma and discrimination as it made me gather the courage and strength to make a very difficult decision in my life; taking a HIV test. I did take an HIV test that confirmed my worst fears, I was HIV positive.

I did not give up hope as I know I can live positively. I also took my daughter for health care at the hospital and to my surprise she was HIV negative. I now realize that it was just by God’s grace the result turned to be so, as I had put myself and my unborn baby at a great risk as Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) exist to help both the mother and the child.

I would encourage my peers and all women to go for care at the hospital when they are pregnant. It is the best choice. My baby and I now get care and together we are healthy! I have big responsibility in my life to protect myself, my clients and most importantly my lovely baby from getting infected’ say Munira Maende a sex worker from Mwangaza Self Help Group in Dagoreti.