Meet Hashim Abdulrazak


Hashim Abdulrazak, is 27 years old. He has 11 siblings.  7 brothers and 4 sisters.  Having been born in a large family, it was impossible for him to pursue further studies after high school due to lack of school fees.

He joined a local youth group known as “Trough Youth group” which  engaged in community work and social activities such as Magnet Theatre in Mikindani, Mombasa District as a way of earning a living.

While in the group he learned about the Vocational Skills Training offered at the Mikindani Center of HOPE and managed to enroll for Computer Application skills training course. He also received training on  Peer Education & Entrepreneurship Skills.

On successful completion of these courses, Hashim decided to set up an enterprise with a little financial assistance from friends. The business, involves hiring out Tents and Chairs for events and special occasions to interested people.

This is what he had to say about the program

"Am so thankful that I managed to complete the course successfully and after that I put it into practice and as for now through the knowledge that I got from HOPE worldwide Kenya it enabled me to get a job and be able to generate some income through the Entrepreneurship training,  Currently I do hiring of tents, chairs, pool table as a way of generating income. My previous income  through magnet theater was Ksh.3,000(U$D 38) per month but right now due to the skills that I got from HWWK my average monthly income has increased to KSSh8,000 (US$ 100) and the business prospects look really promising”