Economic Empowerment

Poverty is a key determinant of health. When a country’s economy is ailing, chances are that sickness and disease reign within its population. The youth form 60% of Kenya’s labor force yet ¾ of this group remains unemployed despite their potential. In as much as the youth are key beneficiaries of HIV-prevention and support services they are still among the most vulnerable because of lack of employment.

It is in this light that HOPE worldwide Kenya works to build the capacity of communities by integrating economic empowerment into current health promotion interventions. This effort supports individuals and groups to improve their living standards and quality of life.

The interventions include training the youth on hair dressing and beauty therapy, computer skills, soap and candle making, and dress-making. Many of the beneficiaries who have been trained, especially those trained in hair dressing and beauty, are now employed or have started their own businesses.