HIV Related Services

HOPE worldwide Kenya (HWWK) has adopted new strategies in HIV prevention in line with emerging national and international trends. Two most notable developments are the implementation of evidence based interventions (EBIs) and the increased focus on combination prevention approaches. Centers of HOPE are now services hubs through which behavioral, biomedical and structural interventions are rolled out to the surrounding communities.

Already HWWK staff have been trained in a number of EBIs including prevention among people living with HIV also known as Prevention with Positives (PWP) and Healthy Choices I & II and are reaching clients with these interventions. The organization is also rolling out Families Matter! Program (FMP) through which parents of 9-12 year olds are trained on how to effectively communicate with their children on sexual reproductive health. Healthy Choices is an intervention that targets youth aged 10-17 years with appropriate HIV prevention messages.

In 2011, HWWK will concretize the provision of a combination of behavioral and biomedical services to any beneficiary visiting the project sites.