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HOPE worldwide Kenya (HWWK) is a faith-based Non Governmental Organization registered in 1999. The official launch of programs was in 2003.

Activities began in Nairobi in 1999, with initial efforts focusing on HIV Prevention through sports programs in Mukuru Slums. However, the varied and desperate needs of the community led to the development of a more comprehensive, integrated, community-based program for HIV prevention, care and support.

Services offered are based on models of community support developed by HOPE worldwide (HWW) in Ivory Coast and Soweto in South Africa, which are recognized as “Best Practices” by the United Nations AIDS Program (UNAIDS).

HWWK develops programs that take into account the holistic needs of the community and includes health promotion, health services, capacity building, and economic empowerment. Ongoing programs include HIV prevention; economic empowerment; orphans and vulnerable children's care and support; and blood safety. There is focus on poverty eradication through vocational and entrepreneurial skills training, and income generation activities in partnership with local and international organizations.These programs are integrated to create synergy and emphasize a community support model.

For instance, the Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Prevention conducts the organization’s signature service “Moonlight,” VCT that offers services to the un-reached nighttime population.

HWWK aims to implement all its programs within the Centers of HOPE framework.

As HWWK develops partnerships with donors, government agencies, private organizations, individual donors, and communities, the overall goal is to empower communities to be healthy and self sustaining. This will result into an improved quality of life for the communities.

HWWK puts strong emphasis on internal staff development and training in order to ensure that individual staff members are competent and confident to deliver high quality services to all the communities.

It is the vision of HWWK to continue strengthening stakeholder relationships in order to facilitate quality services that help young people, community members, and needy children access care, support, and hope for a better future.