Faces Of HOPE
Success Stories: Scola & Pauline


By Newton Nuthu

Scola Malonza is 22 years old and comes from a family of 9 siblings. Due to financial constraints her parents were not able to pay fees for secondary school education. Subsequently, she dropped out and resorted to doing menial jobs.

Her older brother works at the Kenya Trading EPZ (Export Processing Zone) Limited in Nairobi’s Industrial Area, one of the factories involved in the ICOH (Industrial Centers of HOPE) Program. When he heard of the Vocational training sponsored by ICOH at the St. Bakhita Mukuru Promotional Center, he enrolled Scola in the School’s Dressmaking class. 

“Scola is the best student in class,” says one of her teachers. When she completes the Dressmaking Grade 3 Exams, the Institution is considering her sponsorship to the next level – Dressmaking Grade 2. “I look forward to establishing my own business some day!” declares a hopeful Scola.

Pauline Lasoni is in class 6 at Ngereza Primary School in Kitengela town. Her father works far away from home as a herdsman. Their Maasai community is predominantly nomadic pastoralists and they do not attach much importance to education of the girl child. 

Pauline has five other siblings, four brothers and a sister. Their mother, Tokoiya, is illiterate and jobless but makes a living from peddling herbal medicine in Kitengela. Despite the mother’s efforts to provide for her, Pauline still needed school uniform and other educational materials. 

The Industrial Centers of HOPE (ICOH) Program in July 2008 began an educational support plan for needy pupils at the school. Fortunately, she was selected to benefit from provision of uniform and tuition.

Additionally, being a member of the School Kidz Club - an initiative run by the Program to provide community-based psychosocial support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) - has greatly improved the self-esteem and enhanced the self-expression of this young lass. It is no wonder she is top in her class!